Our approach to management is best articulated by one of our satisfied clients:

“ . . . I have found in working with Parkside Management Services that their personnel are truly committed to the success of the endeavor. They have consistently performed in accordance with the promises and covenants of the relationship…Parkside, above all, stresses integrity in management. They are a team player and not a dictatorial firm. I have found the people at Parkside to first and foremost be committed to the financial soundness of the project. Once that is achieved . . . working with the Boards to insure the highest quality of life for the residents.”


Clearly, once a project is operational, a key component of its ultimate success is having sound management practices and experienced, caring personnel in place. The value of engaging such resources begins much earlier in the development process, however.

Financial markets are more conservative due to recent facility failures and bank closures; lenders are increasingly sensitive to the health of senior living facility operating performance over time. Bond funds often require the supervision of a professional management company during the term of the bonds. Prospective and existing residents are taking a more detailed look at facility management and financial performance.

These are just a few reasons why the services of an experienced, professional senior management firm like Parkside can be vital to a senior living project’s success.

Few management companies have the depth and breadth of experience and knowledge of seniors possessed by Parkside Management Services, LLC Parkside’s management expertise goes beyond the requirements of conventional property management to include specialized knowledge of senior programming and experience in relating to non-profit sponsors. Key differences include:

  • Specialized programming meets the unique needs of your community’s residents. Parkside’s experiences with active, independent residents, frailer Assisted Living residents as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, have enabled us to develop programming that maximizes each resident’s independence. Activities are geared to residents’ functional abilities and strengths and include exercise programs, cultural, educational, recreational and social opportunities. We often draw on the talents and interests of residents who are willing to share their experiences with others.
  • Customized food service takes into consideration local culinary traditions as well as service preferences. Meal preparation processes, menu selection, and service options, from formal table service to buffet-style meals, are specially designed with your resources and physical plant in mind to optimize efficiency as well as resident satisfaction.
  • Social services are coordinated to ensure residents have easy access to the resources they need. Networking with other community service providers can be developed to fill service gaps.
  • Health care licensure and regulations are carefully monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance. Maintaining superior quality of care is the ultimate goal.
  • Health care staffing levels are determined based on the level of care required by your residents as well as industry and regulatory requirements. Quality of care and recognition of the importance of preserving residents’ dignity is stressed in on-going staff training.
  • Coordination of resident transfers between levels of care is crucial as communities continue to age in place. Policies outlining criteria and procedures for transfers are developed. Through training and education, staff members become more aware of the impact on the residents and the importance of including residents and their families in the decision making process.

Parkside also provides other conventional services of quality professional management firms, including disciplined cost accounting and reporting as well as qualified human resources counsel. Ongoing marketing supervision monitors leads, sales and occupancy and facilitates marketing communications as necessary. Working closely with its Executive Directors, Parkside acts as a resource, coordinating corporate functions such as staff planning, food service, housekeeping, facility maintenance and improvements, resident services, activities and resident relations.

Parkside recognizes the importance of the Residency Agreement as a contract between the community and its residents and acts in accordance with approved budgets and standards to fulfill the community’s obligations by providing quality, yet cost-effective services.

Parkside supplies the ability to meet the current needs of the community and respond as it changes over time.

Operations Audit

A team of Parkside professionals including current facility administrators contributes their real world experiences to help improve your operations. A detailed evaluation of current staffing levels, food service efficiencies, housekeeping services, resident services access, activity levels and resident relations is prepared along with an in-depth report including recommendations for improving service. Resident and employee satisfaction surveys may also be conducted to gain a greater understanding of your community’s dynamics.

Financial Controls

Parkside clients are provided with a tested management information system and data processing package that starts with the preparation of annual financial budgets and includes monthly as well as annual financial and operating statements. Parkside also recommends schedules for entrance and monthly service fees taking into consideration the facility’s financial obligations, the importance of providing quality care in a financially responsible manner and the rates at similar facilities. Other functions include providing oversight for annual audits and developing capital budgets.

Quality Measurements

Parkside utilizes a variety of tools to monitor quality at each of its facilities. Each year Parkside facilitates a Facility Self-Assessment that evaluates all aspects of the facility’s operations. Facility leadership is involved in the process, which includes assessments of finance, human resources, governance/administration, building services, food service, health care, marketing and resident services.

Human Resources

Parkside recruits new and evaluates existing employees and outlines necessary employment levels to provide maximum efficiency. We design employment benefits packages and cost containment programs. Parkside

establishes compensation controls, personnel policies and job descriptions and recommends wage and salary schedules consistent with industry norms. Parkside also represents and advises sponsors with respect to professional service contractors for such services as housekeeping or food service.

Staff Development/Training

Parkside facilitates ongoing staff development and training to promote quality care and a healthy work environment. Human resource topics include team building, problem-solving, harassment in the workplace, the ADA, risk management family leave issues and stress management. Educational seminars on aging issues include working with dementia, normal aging, dealing with disabilities and falls prevention.

Operational Support

Parkside works closely with the facility’s management staff providing the required resources to achieve success in areas including staff planning, food service, housekeeping, facility maintenance and improvements, resident services, activities and resident relations.

Parkside Management Services, LLC is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges presented by the burgeoning senior market. Hands on experience in retirement communities, assisted living, memory care and community-based aging service networks has given us insight into working with older adults in all aspects of their lives. This presents us with a unique perspective in understanding their needs and preferences. From this experience, we know that the separate elements of sales, advertising, public relations or special events alone are not sufficient to motivate seniors to purchase. Rather, it is the full array of marketing elements coordinated in a focused effort that succeeds. That is why we maintain expertise in all of these disciplines to give you a broad base of results-oriented capabilities.


Parkside has successfully worked on all product types of senior housing. It has creatively partnered with for-profit and non-profit sponsors to design communities and fee structures (including low income) that meet the needs of the local market. Parkside approaches every aspect of the development process from the team approach. Development works hand in hand with marketing and operations to ensure that the design reflects the needs and wants of today’s seniors and works efficiently from an operating perspective.