We do it all. . .or “A la Carte”

Parkside can do it all for you by hiring on-site staff and setting up a complete program . . . or we can help you and your existing staff with one or more of your marketing challenges. We can supply an arsenal of proven programs and tools.

Sales and Marketing Contract

Parkside provides ongoing services to clients in all stages of sales and marketing. Whether it’s a presale project or an occupied community, a thorough on-site evaluation is conducted. The results of this analysis are discussed and contract terms are tailored to both the community’s and sponsor’s needs. A project coordinator supervises our hands-on, results-oriented approach to marketing, tracking leads, sales and move-ins on a daily basis.

Sales and Marketing Audit

Parkside’s in-house audit team will make a thorough assessment of your marketplace conditions, sales team, selling environment and marketing communications program. Prior to our visit, we will review current program documents, competitive information, marketing expenditures, resident and/or prospect demographic information and any previous reports and documentation. We do our homework and come prepared to focus on the key issues during an on-site evaluation. Sales and support staff configurations, marketplace perceptions, as well as competitive and SWOT analyses are the focus of the audit, plus one-on-one meetings with clients or residents. Upon completion of our investigation, Parkside will present the findings in a detailed report, with action-oriented recommendations that can produce immediate improvements.

Sales and Marketing Plan

The backbone of any successful marketing campaign is a detailed plan. Parkside will prepare an in-depth marketing plan that will include specific strategies with accompanying tactics as well as monthly plans and budgets that will delineate direct mail, advertising, community outreach, public relations, promotions and special events. This plan, if implemented in a timely manner, will meet and/or exceed your lead generation/sales expectations.

Market Demand Study

Parkside’s team of marketing and development experts will prepare a market demand study that will enable you to look at your project’s marketing environment from all angles, including competitive and demographic factors. It is designed to cut through to key issues after we have evaluated the competition, calculated the penetration levels, conducted primary research and confirmed the best project design. An updated and accurate estimate of demand is provided enabling your facility to be well positioned for the future.

Competitive Analysis

An understanding of your competition’s product and services is vital to marketing a community at any stage. Parkside will conduct an in-depth study of your competition, offering comparisons in easy-to-analyze formats.

Sales Evaluation

If sales are sluggish or below projections, Parkside will conduct an on-site assessment of your sales operations. The location and office set-up will be evaluated, the staff interviewed and procedures reviewed.

Demographic data on your lead list will be collected and a detailed profile of leads and sales-to-date will be recounted. A report with accompanying recommendations will be presented with a focus on producing immediate and sustained improvements in performance.

Sales Training

Your sales team is the most critical ingredient to a successful marketing effort. Parkside’s sales training program may be the secret weapon you need to get an edge on the competition. Programs for initial and ongoing training can be designed to meet the specific needs of your staff and market. The art of listening and questioning, answering objections and challenges of closing are just a few of the topics that can be incorporated into a customized training program.

Lead Tracking

Parkside will install a prospect database and lead tracking system. You can track each lead and follow-up in a timely manner, produce reports, output labels, merge prospect information with contact letters and much, much more. Parkside will advise on the selection of a system as well as provide training and support. We will monitor utilization to ensure effectiveness.

Collateral Development

Parkside will coordinate the design for a full array of collateral materials. Whether one or four color, high quality materials suitable to the senior market will be created. Logo development, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, brochures and many other creative solutions to your marketing needs will support the image of your community within budgetary guidelines. Following our presentation of ideas and your approval of the concept, we will work closely with you to ensure satisfaction.

Media Campaign

There’s no use of “canned” or “one size fits all” advertising here! Parkside will analyze and coordinate the creation of a custom-designed program of advertising that brings out the best aspects of your project in a way that will capture seniors’ attention. We can develop a media plan or merely create dynamite advertising materials with existing plans. Parkside will coordinate the design, writing and production of print advertising appropriate for any medium as well as overseeing the writing and production of radio commercials. After approval, we will ensure prompt delivery of final artwork to meet your deadlines.

Public Relations

When you combine an effective advertising campaign with a similar strategy in your public relations effort, the results are impressive. Parkside will develop a public relations action plan, a distribution database and/or initial campaign that will set the precedent for your community’s future PR activities.

Direct Mail

Using the mail is one of the most effective ways to reach the older adult market today and is an excellent tool for measuring level of interest. Parkside will coordinate the design, writing and preparation of final artwork for a direct mail piece that will generate leads and help you convert them into sales. We will also recommend appropriate mailing lists and coordinate the distribution process.

Move-In Coordination

Meeting occupancy goals is critical to your community’s bottom line. Parkside has the experience and tools to ensure a successful move-in process. We offer staff training along with the appropriate procedures, forms and special touches required.

Surveys/Focus Groups

A market test survey is an essential research tool for any community in its pre-development phase. This proven survey design will ascertain local interest in retirement housing through general questions and ones specific to your proposed project and program. The results will be carefully analyzed and a report prepared for discussion purposes.

Focus groups can provide essential primary data. Whether your community is in development, presales or mature phase, Parkside can conduct focus groups designed to get answers to your questions.

Resident Satisfaction Surveys

Resident satisfaction is your community’s best referral source. Parkside can customize a survey for your residents that will provide